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Ligularia dentata

Ligularia dentata or more recently Farfugium japonicum I will have to move it if it doesn’t do better in its third year. A handsome shade plant with huge leaves and colorful daisy-like flowers makes a bold statement in the shade … Continue reading

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Lamb’s Ears

Stachys byzantina ‘Helen Von Stein’ is a good variety with large, gray, furry ears and few, if any, blooms. It’s the fuzzy foliage that is desirable. Although large, it stays neat and compact. Gardeners can not live on bread alone, … Continue reading

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I Love the Woods

Rudbeckias surround the pool and the goldfinches have discovered that some of the seeds are ripe and ready for feasting. The goldfinches almost disappear in the golden yellow rudbeckias. When it rains it is easy to move this huge Nephrolepsis … Continue reading

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After a soaking summer rain, if bloom succession has been considered and enough  planted, we can expect something new. In my garden although other things are blooming, the basic summer succession  is daylily, Oriental lily, naked ladies/Lycoris squamigera. Naked ladies are … Continue reading

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It must be tasty. Everything wants a bite of Hibiscus ‘Blue River II’. Where is a praying mantis when you need one? This late blooming Hemerocallis is an unusual coral color. Succulents are great because they can survive outside in summer … Continue reading

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We have three rabbits for certain with more to come I’m sure. I may have to get a dog. There seems to be plenty for them to munch on so I don’t notice damage. Something comes at night, however, and strews … Continue reading

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Adenium obesum

When you think surely everything will dry up and blow away, the rain comes and refreshes the garden. The lightning flashing and thunder rumbling are the best celebration effects. It doesn’t take a detective to see the clearwing has already … Continue reading

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