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Magenta For Fall

is not a color that pops in my mind when I think of autumn but it is out there now. American beautyberry/Callicarpa americana has the added characteristic of blooming and fruiting in the shade which can add color to your … Continue reading

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Ready to Explode

Rusty colored mums are ready to explode into a cushion of color. I found them just at the perfect time to purchase for long lasting effect. It is also a little cooler making them last longer still.

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Breakfast Bucks

I was making pictures of the buck thinking another deer nearby was a doe. Then I noticed it was a bigger buck. Someone has been having variegated hosta salad with his acorns. Go back to the forest deer. What are … Continue reading

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I Wonder

what it is. Weed or wildflower?  We  have had a lot of rain and I was out picking up fallen limbs when I discovered this newly sprouted wild thing. UPDATE: Thanks to Janet of The Queen of Seaford our wildflower has … Continue reading

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Let’s Eat

Hummingbirds love cypress vine’s nectar filled tiny red blossoms. Any insect that is attracted to the pitchers becomes nourishment for the plant. A little compost please. Butterflies find sedum tasty landing pads. Sausage, seafood gumbo with bread sticks! Yum, let’s … Continue reading

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Early In The Morning

I sure would like some of those acorns in your yard. I don’t know. It may not be safe. Maybe I’ll take a chance. Looks like the coast is clear. Tasty!

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Fall Features

Photo is courtesy of FlashBlack. Here is a Pileated Woodpecker in all his magnificence. No wonder dead wood falls from the trees every time the wind blows. Picking up branches that fall is a weekly task when you live with … Continue reading

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