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Side Dish

This is a quick easy dish from Cooking Light. Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic Browned Butter Finish the asparagus just before serving dinner. Cooking the butter until it browns slightly gives the dish a nutty flavor; watch carefully, though, since it can burn … Continue reading

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I Am Thankful

for blessings beyond measure. Martin J. Nystrom – As the Deer by Ziyulu

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Birding is Better

in winter. Yellow-rumped Warbler   is looking for water melted on the pond.     American Goldfinches in subtle winter coats feed just outside my window.

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Ready for Thanksgiving?

  It is budding and I’m thinking it will be ready for Thanksgiving. Do you know the difference between Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus? Did you know that they bloom twice a year? How about Easter cactus? Holiday Cactus   Easter … Continue reading

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November GB Bloom Day in Tennessee

is no longer about the straggly left over flowers or the the beautiful fall color, but the evergreens Golden Threadleaf Cypress   the berries Nandina     the budded shrubs Andromeda/Pieris       the hardy ferns, broadleaf shrubs, perennials Autumn … Continue reading

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A Little Rain Water

after remaining quite dry will stimulate a lot of succulents into bloom. This one shot out an inflorescence while I wasn’t paying attention and surprised me. Kind of weedy looking but, hey, I’m desperate.   Veteran Cartoons   Mini Chocolate … Continue reading

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Misty Morning

It was raining and it was early when this photo was made which means the woods fill with mist. Taking advantage of the moisture, Mr. Wonderful planted the other weeping cherry that I have had to water all summer in … Continue reading

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