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St. Patrick’s Day

Some cities like Chicago turn their rivers green in celebration of St Patricks Day. Even the White House will be turning the fountains green this holiday season. Chicago’s Green River Advertisements

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Black Tulip™ Magnolia

A beautiful specimen caused quite a stir at the recent Nashville Lawn and Garden Show. Goblets of wine sit on bare branches of the black tulip magnolia. Developed in New Zealand by Jury, they are now available in the US … Continue reading

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Anemone coronaria ‘Harmony Blue’

What I have seen online does not do these poppy flowered anemones justice because they are huge blue beauties, hovering over a dwarf mound of ferny parsley-like foliage. , They are perfect for a long, cool spring in a container. … Continue reading

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Paphiopedilum Hybrid

Paphiopedilum Hybrid (Odette’s Ghost ‘Dark Delight’ x Ruby Pulsar ‘The Syn’) Paphs with mottled foliage require warmer temperatures. Paphiopedilum Care Complex Hybrid Photos and Geneologies

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Anthurium andraeanum

Anthurium andraeanum Not only does this tropical, evergreen, epiphitic, perennial aroid have beautiful red spathes, sheathing bracts, and lovely lush foliage, but it can refresh the air in your home by removing ammonia, formaldehyde, and xylene. Providing bright light, temperature above … Continue reading

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Spring Muse

One day Spring said, “Come forth and make the world a beautiful place,” And, I heard her call and thought, I will plant a garden of lilies whose fragrance will pleasure my love when he treads among them. The melting … Continue reading

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