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Indigo Buntings

  Look what a huge breeding range there is for the Indigo Bunting. Are you seeing them? If not, you may be overlooking them because if they are not in the correct light they may appear as a very dark … Continue reading

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Wildflowers and Things

Trillium stamineum/Twisted Trillium  Dodecatheon meadia/Shooting Star  Snowball Viburnum isn’t wild but blooming. The woods are also full of newborns. The largest Carolina wren is at the front of the nest. He’s always ready and waiting to eat.  The smallest is at the … Continue reading

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Summer Tanagers

have returned to Tennessee. You may have them in your area and not realize it for confusing them with cardinals. The tanager likes to frequent the tops of tall trees. Listen for his call. Then, try to locate him.  The … Continue reading

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Every year we find a couple of small morels in our garden. Edible morels bloom only in the spring. There are black, gray, yellow, and white morels.  We find them in the same area every year. It is a mossy … Continue reading

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Let’s construct a footbridge. Let’s rest the deck of granite planks on a steel frame just above the surface of the water. Lets make free standing bronze balusters that at some angles appear solid and some angles almost disappear. Let’s … Continue reading

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Treasured Moments

The handsome, robust Red-bellied Woodpecker sitting outside my bedroom window sampling the tasty delights the dogwood has to offer speaks spring to me .   His song and drumming is part of nature’s symphony.     Spring is here and every living … Continue reading

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The Bluebird Sings in Tennessee

He sings of a glorious spring.  It is the most beautiful time of the year at my house when the dogwoods bloom. There are thirty six dogwoods in my garden alone, not to mention, my neighbors who have even more. … Continue reading

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