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Happy New Year

Sydney 2009 The festivities have already begun. Advertisements

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Cardinal’s Song


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Hubby Went Hunting

and shot a squirrel    and a white breasted nuthatch in the evening light:  

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Oriole Ready

When the beautiful Baltimore orioles return, I’m ready to attract them. I know they hang out in the tops of the trees especially the tulip tree/ yellow poplar. Maybe now I can entice them to come down where we can … Continue reading

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Fanciful Garden Things

Tree of Enchantment Here is a lovely garden art glass ornament about gazing ball size that my daughter gave me for Christmas. I would never have chosen it but since she did, I like it. It’s heavy duty. I know … Continue reading

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I’m Just A Kid Again

  Betta splendens playing with the fish again.  Black mondo/Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ is in the foreground. The Siamese Fighting Fish turned out to be a biological control for snails.

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Microsorium pteropus

Java fern is one of a few that will grow underwater making it useful in aquariums. Notice the leaves look as though they are embossed. It occurred to me it may work as a nice houseplant grown in water as … Continue reading

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