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Photo from IPhone Library

Let’s put up a photo from the library. Advertisements

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IPhone Photo Post

Let’s try uploading a photo that we will take at the moment.

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Test post

I am postng from my iPhone.

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Aquarium Garden

Dojo Loach There is always something new to learn in the garden. I’m sure it is one of the reasons  I love it. The same is true of keeping an aquarium. Recently, I added the dojo loach, a long eel-like … Continue reading

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Honesty In The Garden

Although there are pink clouds of flowering cherries, redbuds, and startling yellow forsythia, the woods are still basically gray. Your eye goes to the color as this patch of Lunaria that is quite a distance from the house. The color … Continue reading

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Grow Your Own Clean Air

Because of his own ill health, Kamal Meattle was inspired to find solutions some of which involved plants: Chrysalidocarpus lutescens/Areca Palm Sansevieria trifasciata/Snakeplant Epipremnum aureum/Pothos Read more about it here. Notice there are three pages.

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A Touch of Color

  The cyclamen I bought earlier this year has become one of my favorites. It has looked good for a long time.  Removing the fading stems of flowers keeps new buds forming. Bromeliads come in such rich colors. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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