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Outside In

Amaryllis bud is a promise of more to come. Advertisements

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Doable Resolve #3

Listen to some new music. I have been listening to a lot of movie soundtracks lately so I am breaking out and listening to Jessy J/Jazz Sax

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Doable resolve #2

Donate something. In the closet are things that still have tags on them that are never going to be worn for one reason or the other. Here is a one size fits all pancho. If you would like to have … Continue reading

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2010 Doable Resolve #1

that anyone can accomplish. Yes, even you. Put your feet up. Relax. Take a catnap. Like Christmas, the cat, Mr Wonderful has mastered this. He can clear his mind in a second, take a ten minute nap, wake up refreshed, … Continue reading

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Three Months Old Games

Mommy says, Noah sticks his tongue out and if you will respond in like manner, he finds it very amusing. Happy three months old Birthday today, Noah.

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Stir it up in a pan.

with Italian herbs. Let it rise. Punch it down and rise again and bake. Cut a slice while the kitchen smells so good. Top it off with a bit of butter or herbed oil. I’ll save you some. We are … Continue reading

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Winter Birdwatching

Bits of color flashing with each trip to the feeder, they are seemingly the flowers of winter against the somber woods as they search for survival in the icy harshness. We seldom see the birds drink until it is really … Continue reading

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