Trillium stamineum/Twisted Trillium

Trillium stamineum Seedpod

Little deeds are like little seeds, they grow to flowers or to weeds.
Daniel D. Palmer

Twisted Trillium Earlier This Year


About mothernaturesgarden

Gardening in Tennessee Zone 6 at an average of 744.65' above sea level.
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4 Responses to Trillium stamineum/Twisted Trillium

  1. Beautiful trillium! Native too.

    Here in southcentral Kansas, we’re generally too exposed and dry to grow them, but I love seeing them in others’ gardens.

  2. I like the quote. Very nice.

  3. JWLW says:

    Hi Donna: Just had another enjoyable visit to your blog. Your photos are great.

    Have a wonderful evening,

  4. keewee says:

    I love the way the twisted trillium repeats the three theme, of leaves and petals, and the color is nice too. I, as yet, do not have Trilliums in my garden, but that is going to change

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