Hemerocallis ‘Charles Johnson’

The flower is the poetry of reproduction.
It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life.
–   Jean Giraudoux


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Gardening in Tennessee Zone 6 at an average of 744.65' above sea level.
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10 Responses to Hemerocallis ‘Charles Johnson’

  1. Beautiful colors. My day lilies don’t have buds yet.

  2. Christine B. says:

    My daylilies are not blooming yet. Probably a few weeks at least. I do adore a good purplish color…I’m rather sick of the usual yellow daylily. They are very tough though, I will give them that;)

    Christine in Alaska

  3. The colors are always amazing to see. And this is a beautiful example.

  4. Beautiful Daylily, Donna. Ours are just starting to bloom –along with our beautiful Lilies.

  5. This photo opens full page for an eyeful.

  6. fairegarden says:

    Daughter Semi bought that one last year late in the season. So nice to see what it will look like, splendid! 🙂

  7. Racquel says:

    I agree with the others, that color is just wonderful! I need a purplish daylily for the garden. This one is going on the wishlist. 🙂

  8. Jan says:

    I agree with Nancy; that is a gorgeous color for any flower.

    Always Growing

  9. nancybond says:

    Donna, that is just a stunning colour and I love the slight frill of the petals. Beautiful!

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