Three Months Old Games

Mommy says,

Noah sticks his tongue out and if you will respond in like manner, he finds it very amusing.

Happy three months old Birthday today, Noah.


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8 Responses to Three Months Old Games

  1. mothernaturesgarden says:

    I’m up and ready for giggles.

  2. mothernaturesgarden says:

    Isn’t it great, CA, that through them, we get to experience childhood once again?

  3. CurtissAnn says:

    What beautiful photos! Enjoy, Grandma.

    As I looked at this on my iPhone, my little grandson sat beside me, dozing from a nap. 🙂

  4. Meredith says:

    Precious and beautiful, both mother and son. I love that age when babies cackle with full abandon. If I’m in the vicinity, I’ll do anything to keep it coming, so I’m not surprised the adults do it over and over. 🙂

  5. mothernaturesgarden says:

    We know how to do that better when we are grandparents. Right, Betsy? Maybe, it’s because we are not so consumed with responsibility.

  6. Cute Donna… Happy Month-a-Birthday to Noah!!!! Today is my middle son’s 40th Birthday… It was just YESTERDAY that he looked just like Noah….. Enjoy them now.. They do grow up very fast.

  7. mothernaturesgarden says:

    What’s funny is the adults find this charming and will do it as long as he will. I have spared you those photos.

  8. corefoundations says:

    Hey! Son #3 — that was his favorite game! He was terribly good at it too.

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