Warm Glow of Christmas

Let the music play.

I light a candle in memory of those not present this holiday season, an ethereal gesture though unspoken of love remembered.

Christmas Past

Chef Roger warms our kitchen with the smells of something good to eat like Pecan Pull Aparts.

In the bustle of preparations, I take time out to  dreamily watch the flickering firelight.

The Christmas tree will have to wait until tomorrow. I have to go play with Noah today while mommy gets her hair done.


About mothernaturesgarden

Gardening in Tennessee Zone 6 at an average of 744.65' above sea level.
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4 Responses to Warm Glow of Christmas

  1. Lona says:

    Donna you just gave us an infusion of Christmas spirit. What a pretty tree.I love the sayings ornaments. Your little bird is so cute.

  2. corefoundations says:

    Thanks for that particular picture! It means so much.

  3. fairegarden says:

    This really gets us in the proper frame of mind for the holidays, Donna, thanks! It all is lovely and how fun to play with little Noah, then give him back! The joys of grandmotherhood. 🙂

  4. Neat post, Donna… I love that video.. That is one of my favorite Christmas songs–but I haven’t seen the video with it. NEAT!!! Christmases are always times when we think of Christmas-Pasts. I like the idea of lighting a candle in their memory —and also for those who just can’t be home with us during Christmas.

    Thanks for a great post… Merry Christmas—and give Noah a big hug from me.

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