The Garden Takes a Rest

but we are busy planning for all things new. Yesterday, I rearranged garden tables, container plants, etc. It was the perfect weather for it…comfortable, if you keep busy. Much like the garden renews itself, so does Noah. He’s on a faster cycle of course. I’m reminded and amazed how one tiny being can command the attention and devotion of so many.

photo-7Mesclun in a container on the deck has not been affected by the frost.


Well the pool is under wraps, but as soon as the rest of the leaves fall, I must tend the gutters. There is always something.


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Gardening in Tennessee Zone 6 at an average of 744.65' above sea level.
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11 Responses to The Garden Takes a Rest

  1. Kanak says:

    Hi Donna…your grandson is beautiful!! Just checked out your older posts and loved going through your fantastic photos. And like Sue said, I like the way you’ve included your grandson’s photos. Lovely!

  2. Where have I been lately? (Outdoors, I guess!) You have much to be joyful about these days! Beautiful grandson. Congratulations… now it looks like you’re “back to work.” 😉

  3. Oh, Noah is so beautiful. He looks so much like my son, Brennan, when he was first born. You are all blessed. As for the garden maintenance, yes, it *is* always something, but from the looks of things, you have a handle on it.~~Dee

  4. mothernaturesgarden says:

    James, he is our first grandchild. There are lots of parents and grandparents eager for a turn to tend him.

  5. Gail says:

    I have give myself a time line to get the garden chores finished! LOL! The leaves won’t be finished falling until December! Donna, your sweet grandboy is beautiful! Loved him in his football jersey/hoodie. gail

  6. james says:

    What a sweet little baby sleeping so gentle & calm.
    It must be handful to take care both the child & garden.
    Guess the title says it all.

  7. Amy Emerick says:

    What a sweet baby. We have three boys that are growing up way too fast! Seems like yesterday they were that small. Everyone told me, “It goes by so fast!” Well, they were right!

  8. I forgot to say I love the photo of the mesclun.

  9. I just enjoyed reading a couple pages worth of your posts. Your grandson is a sweetie! I like the way you included photos of him and tied them in with gardening. I hope he likes the garden like our only grandchild does. He will be 2 in January. He did lose interest today, though, when I was hoping he’d dig with his trowel while I worked on cleaning up my garden across the street. He did point to the compost area and say, “Pile” when I got another cage pulled out. He’s learning.

  10. RobinL says:

    Now that is one charming baby, I’m sure you are just adoring his every movement! I put my garden to bed today, because the weather was so warm and pleasant for November. But because it’s been mild, there are still lots of flowers alive. I love it!

  11. Noah is one beautiful child. I know you probably just can’t stop looking at him… I remember my first grandchild. After having THREE boys, my first grandchild was a GIRL.. I just ate her up!!!!!

    We are busy working on the leaves here also this week, Donna. It never ends!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

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