Handsome Hunter

img_0003He visits our garden frequently. He takes off when we try to be friends.  I haven’t had a cat in a long time. I’d be happy to give him a home. Here, kitty, kitty!


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Gardening in Tennessee Zone 6 at an average of 744.65' above sea level.
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12 Responses to Handsome Hunter

  1. sppokydragonfly says:

    He’s handsome alright! I have a new stray coming around that looks just like yours. A few tidbits of food or a couple of treats…and he’s a keeper for life! You have a good heart, Donna.

  2. skeeter says:

    Handsome Hunter looks like my two Black Beauty’s sibling! Our two came crawling out of the woods looking for a home. The attraction was the bird feeder. I would find Sheba hunting for food at our feeders. We had just lost our yellow fellow Skeeter about 4 months earlier and had wanted to be pet free for a year to come and go as we please then find the perfect small doggie. Once these two showed up, I just watched from the sunroom windows. Then when I saw poor little pitiful Sheba eating small pieces of suet cake from the ground, I knew they needed me in their life. Out came the food bowl and a feather toy to earn trust with little kitty that would not come near me. Sheba was friendly from day one but her kitten was a feral shy one. Now they are indoor only cats and have been for the past 6 years! We are blessed they found us….

  3. corefoundations says:

    I saw this picture and was scared our oldest cat had escaped! Too far to roam though. . .

    This fella looks a bit “taller” than our Katie though.

  4. tina says:

    I have one that looks just like him and acts the same way. I suspect he is a neighbor’s kitty but he and my Orkin are pals. Not a problem but it is getting expensive feeding him too if he already has a home! What to do? Oh well. I’ll make sure they both are happy and maybe someday we can pet him. I think the same with you-just put out food and sooner or later he’ll come to trust you. Good luck.

  5. Cheryl says:

    That’s a sweet faced cat…he looks like our “Man the Cat.” The photo doesn’t look real with that dusty lighting…nice effect!

  6. nancybond says:

    He really is a handsome dude — those are beautiful “love me” yellow eyes. 🙂 (I’m a cat lover, can you guess?) Feed him and see what happens…

  7. Barbee' says:

    Beautiful cat, and beautiful shot of him against that background. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it. I’d say you are blessed and fortunate to be befriended by his visits. I did a recent post about my beautiful friend who visits. I call him Buster.

  8. OH, he’s a handsome one! I had to leave my last cat with the new owner of my sold house. At that house, I lived in the middle of woods, far from roads and he came and went through his cat door. He couldn’t be moved to a place with traffic. He’s still going strong as an 18 year-old.

    I’m now owned by a greyhound and still have one surviving cockatiel. Elderly animals, too.


  9. Racquel says:

    He is very handsome! That’s how I ended up with my kitty Mooch, he showed up at my front door one day looking for a handout. 🙂

  10. Gail says:

    Well we live in Tennessee where folks are loath to leash us in..If you want him to stay feed him! Provide food and water everyday! He may be checking you out. You will then be the chosen and much loved human! Once he trusts you…it’s off to the vet to be neutered/spayed and all manner of important vet things! He is a handsome cat! Btw, that is how Coal came to live with us…his mother went to live with a friend. Good luck. Gail

  11. Betsy says:

    Cats cannot roam freely in our area also. We have a ‘leash law.’ I’m glad about that since I don’t want any cats or dogs wandering around my yard, especially cats (since they scare my birds away). I’ve never had a cat or dog except those who stay INSIDE the house most of the time.

    That is a beautiful black cat, Donna. He looks well-fed–so he must belong to someone…????

    Have a wonderful day. It’s warmer here today! You?

  12. A lot of people let their cats roam outdoors, but where I live it’s illegal–the animal control office comes out and takes the cats…. I used to have 3 cats that we let roam free, when we lived in SC & had a field right behind us. They often brought us presents of mice & birds 😦
    The cat I have now was a stray cat that continued to come to my house, and sit under the overhang above the garage. It poured rain for nearly 2 wks.at one point,and every day I found him out there trying to get some cover. Well, one morning I woke up & said ‘if he’s down there today I’m keeping him’…and sure enough,,there he was…and I took him to the vets, got him his shots, checked for illnesses, etc…and we’ve had him for at least 8 yrs. You can always watch him for a while, and take him in if you think he doesn’t have a home:)

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