Oriole Ready

img_5337When the beautiful Baltimore orioles return, I’m ready to attract them. I know they hang out in the tops of the trees especially the tulip tree/ yellow poplar. Maybe now I can entice them to come down where we can appreciate them. This feeder design is the best for easy cleaning. Oriole nectar is one part sugar to six parts water.


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Gardening in Tennessee Zone 6 at an average of 744.65' above sea level.
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12 Responses to Oriole Ready

  1. mothernaturesgarden says:

    Thanks for the jelly, orange tips. I think I have tried the jelly in the past but as I recall it attracted more ants onto my deck. Hummers are my preference for close up viewing. I already fight ants attracted to hummingbird feeders. The hummer feeders have a moat. I grease the hanger with vaseline. I have to be diligent about cleaning any spills or drips. I will however try the jelly and orange again suspended from a tree visiible from the deck.

  2. Balisha says:

    My husband made a wooden feeder with a hole big enough for a little cup to fit in. We fill it with grape jelly and can’t keep it filled…the orioles love it so. We put a piece of an orange on a nail there to attract them, and within a day we had orioles. Many of our neighbors feed them jelly now. Some of them just put a saucer with some jelly in it on their deck railing. When the jelly is gone…I get a very loud scolding from the birds….so I know they want more.A wonderful sight to see these beautiful birds up close.

  3. Brenda Kula says:

    Oh, I’m going to get my bird book and see if we get them here! Lovely birds!

  4. Amy says:

    It will be fun to see how many orioles you attract with this new enticement. Hopefully they find it quickly and visit often!

  5. Philip says:

    That will be so great to have for them when they arrive!

  6. Gail says:

    Hi Donna,

    I love this feeder and its bright UT orange color! Seriously…I hope it works for you, we’ll get to see lovely photos! I just added my first Bluebird box to the yard…I don’t know why I thought I hadn’t a good space for them and a suet feeder for the woodpeckers.


  7. tina says:

    I do hope you can attract them. I have tried with no luck. I think it may be a timing thing so be sure to let us know when you see them.

  8. nancybond says:

    Keep your camera handy, Donna! Won’t they be a lovely addition to your garden?

  9. Titania says:

    Feeders always attract the birds. It will be nice for you to have them closer to observe them. As higher the trees in the garden as higher up the birds. They know where it is the safest and the best view.

  10. mothernaturesgarden says:

    It is worth a try.

  11. Becky says:

    I wonder if a feeder would keep the orioles from shredding my lilies. I’m a little apprehensive about their return this summer.

  12. Racquel says:

    That will make a nice addition to your bird feeders Donna. I love Orioles but I’ve never seen any in my garden.

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