Wildlife Haven

A creek

with a secluded pasture running alongside and a berried fence 

is perfect for wild things.


About mothernaturesgarden

Gardening in Tennessee Zone 6 at an average of 744.65' above sea level.
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16 Responses to Wildlife Haven

  1. That is a beautiful spot, with the creek, and the trees meeting overhead. I love secluded sites, and it looks like the turkeys do too.

    Titania, I like your story of the turkey mulch nest in front of the garage.

  2. That is good to know, Anna.

  3. Anna says:

    Thank you! I’m pain free for now. The other twin hasn’t show its ugly head yet.

  4. mothernaturesgarden says:

    I think you are right, Brenda

  5. Brenda Kula says:

    Looks a little spooky too. But maybe that’s just Halloween calling to me. Beautiful shots.

  6. mothernaturesgarden says:

    It is chilly, Anna. We had to use heat in the last few days. I love the fire blazing in the fireplace at this time of year. The coolness makes outdoor jobs very pleasant. Thinking of you and wishing you pain free soon.

  7. Anna says:

    Is it cold water? It looks chilly. I love this Autumn feeling in the air. I don’t know why, but I’m especially loving it this year. Your picture is frame worthy. It makes things peaceful and calm. We need that.

  8. mothernaturesgarden says:

    I thought I wanted them near until I heard of this behavior.

  9. Titania says:

    A serene and beautiful looking place. We have wild turkeys; in the garden they collect all the mulch and put it on a huge heap to lay and bury the eggs.
    My daughter had once one in front of her garage. Over night the turkeys had shoveled all the mulch from the neighbour from the other side of the road to her side. Naturally this turkey made mountain had to go!

  10. We had wild turkeys in our yard last fall, I keep watching for them this year but so far I have not spotted any.

  11. mothernaturesgarden says:

    Yep, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

  12. tina says:

    The turkeys love it! They better run and hide.

  13. Kathleen says:

    Those photos are beautiful Donna. And spots like that harder and harder to find (at least around here with all the development). I hope this place stays a wildlife haven.

  14. Gail says:

    Love this post so very much Donna. I love the Wild Turkeys having a walkabout! Gail

  15. nancybond says:

    What a breathtaking spot! I could sit on those banks for hours. Spectacular.

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